About Us

Who we are?

A-Z Signs, Inc. is a premier designer and manufacturer of signs located in Smyrna (Atlanta), GA. We design and manufacture an array of customized interior and exterior signage types, including, but not limited to, Monument Signs, Vehicle Graphics, Yard Signs, Banners, Channel Letter Signs, Message Centers/LED, Political Campaign Signs, Promotional Items (e.g., Business Cards, Flyers, Post Cards, Magnetic Business Cards, etc.), Screen Printing, Embroidery, and more. Since our opening day on March 1, 2003, our focus has been and will always be on the quality of the design, quality of the products, quality of our vendors, quality of our pricing, and customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Quality of the Design

Before manufacturing a sign, the first and the most important step is the Design of The Sign. Anyone with a printer or a vinyl plotter can just print a sign. However, we work with the customer from the very beginning to truly understand their needs, the type of business, the type of sign required, etc. Most customers provide us with a general idea of the sign they desire and then we take it from there. If the customer does not have any idea on the type of sign that they need, we can also help them with some creative ideas.

We spend more time on the design process so that when the sign is manufactured, it will be very effective and efficient in generating the message desired by the customer. In this process, we also try to educate and guide the customer (e.g, Choosing the right colors, Fonts and Font Sizes, Materials needed, etc.) so that they are able to get the best sign possible for their business. This is a key to our success over the last 15 years.

Quality of the Products

Every sign is made with a substrate (e.g., Digital Vinyl Paper, Banner Material, Inks utilized in printing, Vinyls, Acrylic, Aluminum, etc.). As a result, we try to make sure that all of our substrates meet the Highest Quality Standards.We are always inundated by vendors telling us that “we can improve our bottom line” by using inexpensive substrates or ink.

We have never and we will never utilize inferior products to make a sign to “improve our bottom line”. This is a key to our success over the last 15 years.

Quality of the Vendors

In our 15 years history, we have utilized only 1 or 2 vendorsfor each product category. We have carefully chosen these vendors that best represent our focus on quality and value. A lot of sign companies say they “manufacture their signs in house” and so the assumption is that you will get a better product from start to finish. This is just Not True. Over the last 20 years, the nature of sign making has changed. Twenty years ago, most of the signs were made “in house” because there were not a lot of options for the sign maker.

Today, there are companies that are very specialized and provide quality products to the sign industry. For instance, there are companies that do nothing but make Channel Letters. Because that is the only product they produce and install, they are very good at that function.

As a result, we identify such companies and select only 1 or 2 that meet our rigid quality control standards. By utilizing such companies to manufacture our signage, we can reduce the cost to the customer by reducing our overhead (e.g., elimination of fabricators, machinists, welders, etc.) and at the same time, provide a quality product. Again, it gets back to the design of the sign in conjunction with the customer. Once the design meets the customers objective, then the sign will be manufactured to their specifications. This is a key to our success over the last 15 years.

Quality of the Pricing

Customer always ask us how we can provide such products and quality with our low pricing structure. It’s real simple. We have significantly reduced our overheard by utilizing specialized vendors for such items as “Channel Letters”, “Message Centers”, etc. and produce signs in-house where appropriate. We also do not occupy an expensive retail space at shopping centers which further reduces our cost. This cost saving is passed on to our customers.This is a key to our success over the last 15 years.

Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Finally, anyone can write a great “About Us” page touting the benefits, expertise, etc. of their company. In the end, it’s what the customer thinks about the company and their products. So, feel free to talk to our customers and let them tell you about our company. We have grown over the 10 years with very little marketing. Most of our business has come through customer referrals and we would like to continue to build our business in that manner.This is a key to our success over the last 15 years.

Many people have asked us why we utilize the painting of the “Mona Lisa”. The reason is simple. The Mona Lisa represents quality – Quality in design, attention to detail, and vivid colors. From the very beginning, we have utilized the same concept in sign making because “It’s Not Just a Sign, It’s Your Signature.”